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Engage in physical stress reducing practices like yoga 


Mindful breathing, and NLP techniques to clear your mental cache and revive your energy.


Team building practices, learning labs, Mid-day workshops


Psycho-physiological emotional freedom techniques, that can be employed at anytime.

Mindfulness practices are evidence-based, proven to reduce stress, improve focus, and boost productivity, leading major companies from Google to Accenture to invest in mindfulness programs to boost morale and enhance their corporate culture. Aetna estimates that after introducing a mindfulness program, productivity gains alone amounted to $3,000 per employee, an 11-to-one return on its investment. Companies are also saving big each year on healthcare and employee turnover related costs.

When you hire hiring Fire & Love Wellness as your corporate wellness consultant, your team will learn how to bring mindfulness and its many proven benefits into the workplace. Specifically, our team will help your team explore the role of self-care, emotional freedom and compassion, and the contribution of these qualities to leadership and department dynamics.

We also specialize in offering 1:1 or group health coaching for your team / board. We provide both virtual, and in person sessions complete with supplement recommendations, food/environmental  intolerance testing, as well as diet & nutritions plans. 

We’ll offer your group the opportunity to choose from a variety of stress reduction practices (mindfulness meditation, mindfulness-based yoga), team building activities according to your needs, and interactive learning labs.

Let us offer your team a mindfulness-based wellness workshop as a part your ongoing training plan, part of your next retreat, or even as a stand alone experience for your team. We can take care of everything – from healthy, and delicious food choices to mindfulness-based wellness programming. We’ll create an experience that your team will be talking about for years to come!