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Food & Environmental Intolerance Test


  • 45 minutes
  • 175 US dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

Includes 45 min follow up consultation Now you can access insights into your body without barriers. At-home tests provide you with comprehensive findings about your diet and well-being by analyzing strands of your hair. Discover what external sources are causing you to feel tired, bloated, congested, mentally fatigued, break out, and more! To help you along your wellness journey, we offer the most comprehensive nutrition test kit available. Unlike a gluten test, gut test, or homeopathic allergy test, which only pinpoint sensitivities to one type of symptom-causing foods, our at home test provides results about how your diet, your environment, and your favorite everyday skin care products are affecting your body. HEALTH IS WEALTH - To help you make informed lifestyle decisions, we use trusted bioresonance technology to compare your unique electromagnetic frequency against 630+ foods, 200+ environmental factors, 80+ potential nutritional imbalances, and 300+ skincare ingredients. The intolerance test can help identify a lactose or gluten intolerance, sensitivities to plants, heavy metals, pollen, or fabric, levels of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids, and incompatibilities with ingredients found in personal care items EASY TO READ REPORTS - Because dedication to health is a lifestyle change, our medically validated results are charted and color-coded for easy reading. In addition to helping you understand every finding, our you will receive one-on-one advice to guide you to greater levels of wellbeing, no matter your age.

Contact Details

Akron, OH, USA

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