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About the Book

This book examines the notion that we are all made in the image of GOd with gifts and talents unique to our path, and destiny in this life. Throughout the book we will explore why so many of us are mentally riddled with self-count; trapped in the cycle of self-sabotage; and surrounded by people who only seem to want to damper your dreams and extinguish your imagination. Physically, we address reasons why we are constantly fighting fatigue, exhaustion, and chronic ailments; and why spiritually we are constantly fighting the uphill battle of using our gifts to impact the world, and avoid being side-tracked along the way. Are we dreaming too little, and playing too safe? Throughout the book we probe and discover how mental, physical, and social choices affect the trajectory of your life and how effectively we engage our gifts and calling. Can we use biblical principles, along with modern science, and best psychological practices to safeguard our dreams and passions, while also fully embracing the (Imago Dei) creative image and likeness of God within us all?

Gifted Visionary E-Book

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