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Mindset Warrior

Day 1 - Hallmarks of a True Warrior

In today's modern world, we don't tend to think of people as warriors anymore. Most of us are pencil pushers rather than fighters and it is very rare that we ever have to put ourselves in harm's way or take on a gang of enemies.

This is a good thing for the most part, but it has resulted in many of us becoming soft and weak willed. And the reality is that we donít need to give up on being warriors. Just because we don't need to fight anymore, that doesn't mean we can't approach modern challenges as warriors. It doesn't mean that you can't benefit from adopting a warrior's mindset.

And it certainly doesn't mean that there aren't any modern warriors left. There are those fighting on our front lines (like our wonderful emergency room nurses and doctors) and there are those who simply approach modern challenges and obstacles with the mindset of a warrior from times gone by. Today we'll take a look at what makes a true warrior and at whether you might fit that mold.

If not, then this list will help you to better understand the areas where you should aim to improve your conduct.

Takes the Harder Path

The warrior is someone who has a steadfast mission and who knows what they want to achieve. They have a purpose and a reason for being and as such, they are driven like few others.

Thus, the warrior doesn't give in and take the easy route. They don't relax on the couch and eat cake all day, they don't blame others for their mistake, but own up to their choices and actions. The warrior is happy to take the harder path if it gets them closer to their goal and if it helps them to become stronger in the process.

Sees Obstacles As Challenges

In a similar vein, the warrior does not see challenges as something to be feared or cursed. When things are going wrong, the warrior relishes the opportunity to develop and to test themselves.

Doesn't Give In to Fear

The warrior is not without fear, but they have it under control. The warrior knows how to use their fear as a motivator and how to suppress it when appropriate.

Stays Calm in a Stressful Situations

When everyone else is panicking, the warrior stays calm and focussed. They know what they need to accomplish and they know that getting flustered won't help anyone.

Looks After Their Body and Mind

While there may be few physical fights left, the warrior knows that they owe it to themselves and to those around them to look after their bodies and to train for a battle that may never come. The warrior doesnít allow themselves to grow weak in times of plenty, they train, they hone their mental and physical skills and they respect their bodies and minds.

Takes Responsibility

The warrior is quick to take action and to make decisions, the main reason being that they are not afraid to take responsibility for their action. They gladly carry a great weight on their shoulders, knowing that they will face whatever comes.

Developing the warrior’s mindset means developing a mindset that will give you greater strength to resist temptation and to take the noble path. It’s about doing what you need to do to reach your goals and to support your family. It’s about being able to resist tiredness, stress, panic, anxiety, anger and to instead work calmly and efficiently toward your goals.

It’s a long process but there are a number of steps you can take along the way that will help. We’ll look at some of those here in the warrior cheat sheet linked for free download below.

Cheat Sheet copy
Download PDF • 1.07MB

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